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-====== Building bindings ====== 
-===== Introduction ===== 
-The bindings available in Abinit allow external packages to access some Abinit components and remain synchronized with the latest developments in a semi-automatic manner. 
-For a typical example using the Abinit parser bindings, please see [[http://​​L_Sim/​V_Sim/​|the home page of V_Sim]], and more specifically its [[http://​​L_Sim/​V_Sim/​install.html|installation howto]]. 
-**Important note**: since the bindings are still relatively experimental and might cause unexpected issues, we recommend you to build Abinit without the //​--enable-exports//​ option for all production calculations. 
-===== Workflow ===== 
-Abinit bindings are built independently of the core source code. They only require the core build to be configured with the //​--enable-exports//​ option. The following diagram shows the typical workflow used to obtain the bindings at build time. 
-+------------------------+ ​   +----------------------------+ ​   +---------------------+ 
-| Normal build of Abinit |    | Go to the bindings/ subdir |    | Configure and build | 
-| configured with        +--->+ of the build directory ​    ​+--->​+ bindings ​           | 
-| enable_exports set     ​| ​   | and edit ​        ​| ​   |                     | 
-+------------------------+ ​   +----------------------------+ ​   +---------------------+ 
-The typical command sequence for such a build would read as follows (replacing the //${...}// variables by the names you chose for your build): 
-<code bash> 
-cd ${abinit_srcdir} 
-mkdir ${abinit_builddir} && cd ${abinit_builddir} 
-${abinit_srcdir}/​configure --enable-exports 
-make -j8 
-cd bindings 
-To build an individual bindings item, just type ''​make <​name_of_the_binding>​-bindings''​ from the top //​bindings//​ build directory. 
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