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Forum moderators

See the page for the list of moderators of the ABINIT Forum.


The “front” moderators :

  1. Are registered to receive the posts from the corresponding section of the forum
  2. Do not answer immediately, let possible other Forum users answer.
  3. However, if no answer after 3 days, either give an answer, or relay to somebody knowledgeable who will accept to answer (the senior moderator might be consulted)
  4. This is a one-year mandate

The “senior moderators”:

  1. Are registered to receive the posts from the corresponding section of the forum
  2. Are backup of the “front moderators”, act after 7 days if there has been no action of the front moderator
  3. Provide guidance about the ABINIT developer community to the front moderator (whom to contact ?)
  4. Make sure that the “front moderator” is indeed active
  5. Every year, examine the renewal of the “active moderator”, or its possible replacement


How to turn on the “watching first post” mode for your category ? Hint : this can be done by clicking on the rightmost icon nearly at the top of the page of the category - just on the right side of the “New topic” button - then clicking on “watching first post”.

How to transfer a topic to another category ? Hint : (1) navigate to the category in which the post to be moved is located; (2) click on the “topics” icon - upper left hand; (3) select the topic to be moved; (4) click on the upper right hand icon (a wrench) ; (5) select “Set category” ; (6) choose the new category for the topic .

How to mark that a post gives the solution to another post ? Hint : in the post that gives the solution to a topic, click on the three horizontal points at the right bottom corner - you will see that one the icons that appears bears the name “solution”, click on it… The solution is then copied to the first post with a link to the reply that contains the solution.

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