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Getting started

Installation of Abinit

See the ABINIT Installation notes page for an overview on how to install Abinit on different architectures. The Build Abinit corner on this Wiki will help you as well. If you want to install Abinit on a High Performance Computer (HPC) you can find dedicated information in the HPC section.

The ABINIT new user help and tutorial

To begin using Abinit, start with the official new user help, and follow with the lessons of the ABINIT tutorial.

The ABINIT topic files and the input variable documentation

When you will be more expert with ABINIT, and want to quickly step in the computation of a property, consult the topics files, and the list of all input variables.


Because a (moving) image is better than a thousand words …
(WARNING : these videos are severely outdated …)

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