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-<html><p style="border: 1px solid #880000; color: #880000; background-color: #ffd0d0; padding: 0.5em;">Note to contributors: please read the <a href="/doku.php?id=syntax">syntax</a> page before contributing and always fill-in the "Edit summary" field (on the right-hand side of the "Save" button) with a short description before saving your changes. This will let the webmasters quickly understand what you're doing and greatly simplify the maintenance of the pages.</p></html>+<WRAP important>Note to contributors: please read the [[wiki:syntax]] page before contributing and respect the existing [[doku>namespaces]] and [[wiki:structure]].</WRAP>
 ===== What is Abinit ===== ===== What is Abinit =====
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