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ABINIT Developer skype meeting 23 June 2020


14:00 to 18:30

A. Global discussions (extracted from the proposal of topics below - estim. duration 1h45 to 2h50 ?)

(1) ABINITv9 installation : status/difficulties/planned adaptation for ABINITv9.2; the ABINIT fallback project (tentatively 40-60 minutes)
(2) Removing the files.file : status/planned adaptation/ possible beautification of selected tests (?tutorials) (tentative 20-30 minutes)
(3) Beautification : tutorials, usage of XML for most test pseudopotentials, and/or other topics for beautification ? (tentatively 20-30 minutes)
(4) Status of the test farm (info / questions / suggestions) (tentatively 15-25 minutes)
(5) Next events (tentatively 15-25 minutes)

Break (15 minutes - coffee/tea/soft drink - well make your choice … from your coffee machine or your fridge …)

B. Specific personal projects (less than one hour ; see the list below, follow the alphabetic order, suggestion of one slide/three minutes per person willing to speak - well, more slides/time if you feel it is worth)

C. Other issues (if time left …)


Please, if you intend to participate to the event, indicate in the table below your name + possible topics or comments (e.g. suggestion of topics, or if restricted availability between 14:00-18:30 Europe or 8:00-12:30 East coast).

In case I do not have your SkypeID, I will contact you a few days before the meeting. Xavier.

Last name SkypeID Topics/Comments
Amadon with MT Update on cRPA and new projects. (I have to leave at 17h40)
Baguet with MT ??
Beuken OK abinit-fallbacks project & test farm
Bieder Testing
Bousquet Testing Reshape of berryphase_new (+ applied E-, D-field) and higher parall level
Bruneval OK GW density matrix implementation
Côté OK To discuss: Can we remove the file.file file? Installation of ABINIT with Easybuild.
Gonze OK Build system of ABINIT : difficulty of installation (e.g. modifying ABINIT v9.0 for solving practical issues encountered on diverse machines) ; beautification end of August ?
Giantomassi OK Density/Potential in NetCDF by default (#90), refactoring of ddb_t to support dynamical quadrupoles #93, tutorials, and $ABI_PSPDIR #91, New syntax for sharing the documentation of vars common to different executables #74, Fix tests with FAILS_IFMPI tag #92, Using MPI_INPLACE version as default #89
Guster OK ??
He OK brief update on development of TB2J and SCDM-k method for lattice and electron Wannier function.
Jollet with MT PAW tutorials update 5 '
Pouillon OK Build system
Rignanese OK ??
Romero OK PyProcar status. Cleaning Berry phase modules (with E. Bousquet)
Torrent OK BS v9 experience on various architectures + Abinit dev workshop in May/June 2021
Van Bever OK ??
Verstraete OK EPC update with Matteo, GPU enabling + followup on abstraction layer from CEA
Zwanziger OK Brief update on progress on orbital magnetization
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